Brunswick Rotary Club Addresses Covid-19 Impact on the Community
The Brunswick Rotary Club has not been idle during this pandemic, but rather, the Board of Directors has been meeting regularly via teleconferencing.  Club President, Carolyn Bulliner, has established a “Tiger Team” to tackle the issue of how best to serve the community during this time. Led by Fred Horch and Larry Bernstein, the team has met numerous times and dedicated several hours to service in the last few weeks. 
The team agreed that staying up to date with accurate information is critical and that providing recommendations on where people should turn for advice would be its first action.  For medical advice, we recommend the Maine CDC as a primary source.  For community information, we recommend the “Support Brunswick” page on Facebook, created by Rotarian Fred Horch. This page contains information from a wide number of local sources and includes both needs and resources.  We also recommend the People Plus website, hosted by Rotarian Stacy Frizzle, as a great source of information, entertainment and links to other resources.
The Brunswick Rotary Club encourages all members of our community to look at these sites, gather up to date information, and do what you can to help others while keeping yourself safe and healthy.  As Carolyn Bulliner says, “we are in this for the long haul.”