Ashley Dufresne and Matt Stasinowsky, both seniors at Region Ten Technical High School, were recognized at Brunswick Rotary for their diligence and persistence in community service.  Valerie Campbell, shown with Dufresne and Stasinowsky, noted that both students exemplify Rotary's commitment to service above self.

Ashley Dufresne of Brunswick High School and Matt Stasinowsky from Freeport High School both find time in busy high school and work schedules to volunteer in their communities.  Dufresne, a student in the Region Ten Marketing program, volunteers at school flu clinics, has chaperoned a field trip to Boston for students with special needs, and is currently organizing a school fund raiser for Make-A-Wish foundation.  "When I see that smile on a kid's face," she explained, "that makes it all worthwhile." 

Stasinowsky studies Firefighting at Region Ten.  He recently earned firefighter status as a volunteer with the Pownal Fire Department and also helps with fundraising with the Pownal Fire Company.  Sundays, he helps clean stalls and care for horses at a local horse rescue farm. Both students plan to go on to college, Dufresne in medicine and Stasinowsky in education.  Valerie Campbell, Brunswick Rotary's Student Recognition Coordinator, awarded Dufresne and Stasinowsky with plaques recognizing their commitment to community service.